The first week …

In the Liberal Democrats we’ve had prospective candidates on standby since last summer, in case of a sudden general election, but the likelihood seemed to be receeding … until about 11am on Tuesday morning when someone said “Are you able to watch a television?”.

So for me this week has been about having internal party discussions & emails to confirm who is standing where, contacting printers, building this website, and clearing out of my diary a range of things that I was expecting to do in the next few weeks. There is more of the same to come, as we get a campaign organised and up & running and seeing which bits of “normal life” can continue (some of it has to!).

Articles and leaflets need writing, and party headquarters are wanting information and contact details for their website and email lists.

Meanwhile email traffic is rising as candidates are now getting copies of press releases from HQ. We could really do with having the manifesto, and I imagine in every party HQ there is currently a group of people crouched over keyboards trying to get that finished – or maybe at least getting drafts ready for party leaders.

Its a long time since we had an election campaign where we are needing to get so much organised as we go.