Voting in Gateshead

It can be a bit confusing, but most of what we call Gateshead is not in the Gateshead constituency.

The council area of Gateshead Borough extends from Crawcrook in the West to Bill Quay in East, and South to Birtley. But Gateshead constituency is just the central part of that from Dunston, Teams And Lobley Hill across to Felling and part of Leam Lane, then down to almost the Angel of the North.

Frank is standing to be the next MP for Gateshead Constituency, but if you live further West or South in Gateshead, you will probably be in Blaydon Constituency, and if you live further East (such as Wardley, Heworth, Pelaw or Bill Quay) you will be in Jarrow constituency.

You need to be aged 18, or over, and on the electoral roll to vote. If you aren’t yet on the electoral roll you can register online or by contacting the Civic Centre (0191 433 3000) for a form. You need to be registered by May 22nd to vote in the general election on June 8th.

If you want a postal vote, and aren’t already on the postal voters list, then you need to return a postal vote application form to the Civic Centre by 5pm on 23rd May.

We don’t know who all the other parties’ candidates will be yet, but Liberal Democrats in Gateshead are:

  • Gateshead Constituency – Frank Hindle
  • Blaydon Constituency – Jonathan Wallace
  • Jarrow Constituency – Peter Maughan